Standing seam directly over skipped sheathing

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Do you see a problem with installing a standing seam metal roof right over skipped sheathing where old cedar shake roof was removed, with of course an underlayment applied first? Some people say a layer of plywood or OSB should be placed first but that seems like overkill to me if the roof is prepped well and is level etc. Do you know of any special underlayments that would go on skipped sheathing other than 30# felt or the new sythetics which might be stronger but less expensive than a whole new cover or plywood? Dick
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you do this, two things are critical: 1) Make sure the product you choose is approved and tested by its manufacturer for application in this manner. 2) To avoid condensation problems on the back side of the metal, you'd better have good attic ventilation and also a vapor barrier behind your ceilings. As for underlayment ... ask the roofing manufacturer. Some products are installed without underlayment on applications like this. Do not ignore my first two points though, please.
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