Stephen Dusseault
I have a Craftsman-style house with an 8-12 pitch transitioning to 3-12 over the unheated porch area. Currently I have water back-up problems where the ice builds over the unheated porch area. I intend to re-roof with ribbed steel, but don't want my tenant calling ever again at midnight, requiring me to head out with my climbing gear. Please advise on a leak-proof transition. Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It depends upon the profile of metal roof you install. Exact details will be available form the manufacturer. The flashing will go up under the higher roof and come out on top of the lower roof.
Guest User
Is there a "one piece" flashing that will go up four feet or more under the steeper pitched steel, or must I still clear ice and snow from the lower, shallow pitched porch roof to free the water which I know will be dammed-up behind the ice which will form? I've only seen short transitional pieces which I know will eventually fail.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Something could be fabricated to go up that high if you wish.
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