Underlayment for Metal Roof

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I have an Asphalt shingle roof with 1 layer of shingles on a 4/12 pitch. The shingles on the north side are in good shape, and the shingles on the south side are just beginning to curl. The roof has never leaked. I would like to put on a metal roof(overlapping panels installed vertically). Can I install the metal panels over the shingles if I cover the shingles first with felt paper. How much should I let the panels overhang the roof at the bottom? And should I use the rubberized paper product on the bottom edge to prevent Ice buildup?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most metal roofs could be installed over this, with an appropriate underlayment as specified by the metal roofing manufacturer. Ice and watershield over the eaves is a good idea and may be required by code where you're at. It odes not prevent ice buildup but can prevent water intrusion. As far as the overhang of the panels -- totally dependent on the product you install -- is specified by the manufacturer.
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