felt fasteners under metal roof

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I am placing 26 gauge standing seam metal roofing over felt on plywood. The felt is presently held down with fasteners that include a plastic washer (1/8" thick)commonly used to secure felt.Must I remove those fasteners before putting the metal in place.I'm concerned that the raised fastener might eventually show thru the metal.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Problem is if you remove them then the felt will have holes in it. If it is a standing seam with stand off clips it should not matter as the steel sits off the deck. If it is a nail flanged snap lock type panel it may show however if the flat portion has a number of stiffening ribs in it then it should be fine if you do not walk on the button. If they used enough button disks then it will hold the sheets up uniformly and they do have a round edge.
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