leaking clip system roof

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I have just finished installing a clip type 1 1/2" standing seam steel roof over an open rafter system on my porches. My problem is leaking through the seams. I know this sounds impossible, but even the dripping dew from my upper roof splashes through the seam. I did not stretch the panels or compress them in any way durring installation. I simply layed them on the clips, snapped them with my hands, and clipped the opposite side. From the bottom the gap looks to be 1/8" to 3/16" maximum. I am really concerned now, because the entire house has this roofing, but I feel like the ice and water sheild is masking the problem. I have contacted a local roofer who installs this product and he recommends that I "caulk" the seams. This seams rediculous to me. Anyone had this problem before? By the way the main house is 10:12 while the bastard hip porches are 3:12 and 5:12 respectively. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Have you contacted the roofing manufacturer? Can you email pictures to me at [email protected]
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