josh olsen
I am designing a modern home that will have a low-slope butterfly roof. I have a few questions regardiing the design and specifically how to get the water off of the roof. The slope is currently at 3 in 12, but I would like to go lower if possible. I am assuming that some manner of cricket is used in the valley, but if that has to be 3 in 12 as well, then it will span most of the roof to get to the required height. I am at a loss. I know that this can be accomplished as my design is very similar to the Sunset Celebration House that the MRA was a partner on.,20869,1143425~844996,00.html Can anyone provide me with the construction detail that was used on that project and can anyone point me in the direction of an installer that might be able to do a similar installation in NC? I am open to installing the system myself if that is an option. We are framing the roof with SIPs if that makes a difference. Thanks so miuch for your help/
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I do not have any info on that job in the magazine. I am sorry. However, 3:12 pitch is not unusual. Most metal roofs work fine on it -- many work down to 2:12. Below that, you need particular types of metal panels. Valleys should not be anything unusual. Have you used the Find A Contractor section of this website to look for an experienced metal roofing contractor in your area? Or a supplier?
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