Restore/Replace 100 year old tin roof?

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I am restoring a 100 year old home in Georgia with a rusty tin shingle roof. It has a pattern like a smile and while I really like the roof, I don't know if I can save it or how to find a roofer qualifed to do the job. The front wrap around porch was slate installed upside down so that has to go. I am replacing the poor quality later addition to the rear with a modern addition and will need new roof over that part. The porches off the new addition will be low slope and will probably need a standing seam (which I do not want for the main house). The footprint of the house is 45 X 36 with a hip roof. The wrap around front porch is 10 feet deep. The new addition on the rear is 50 X 24 with a bathroom over the center part that is 23 wide by 15 deep. The two rear porches are 10 feet deep by 22 and 24 feet with an octaganal room where they meet, And there is a 23 X 15 foot wing with a very steep roof over the master bath downstairs.
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I am afraid that, due to years of not being maintained, that roof is probably beyond saving. You would put a lot of money into it I am afraid and still only get a few years out of it. Have you used the Find A Contractor section of this site to look for an experienced metal roofing contractor in your area?
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contact for a free will not be disappointed...when looking for a
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    You dug up a 3 year old thread to spam your company? You do realize how this makes you look right?
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