Roof Leak When it Rains - Plumbing Problem?

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I had a flat roof replaced with a hip roof made of aluminum shingles installed by Factory Direct Installation on my 2 story house. The roof has leaked into the downstairs kitchen ceiling almost since day one of installation. Directly under the bathroom plumbing, vent pipes, etc. Roofing company says it's a plumbing problem when it rains down the vent pipes, plumber says no it's a roof problem. In the beginning roofer and plumber said it's water splashing behind the faucets of the tubs when in use (only when it rains?). Then they said it was the caulking around the pipes and replaced that even took a picture of that and showed it to me - lasted a little while each time, now since Katrina it leaks everytime it rains, no sign of leaks upstairs except the bottom of the 2nd floor decking is wet around pipe as it comes into the space above the kitchen ceiling - although we have no attic, so no access to under the roof. Can't even get the roofing co to come out now. They installed the pipes in the roof during installation. I'm totally disgusted with the whole thing. Anyway, my question? Can this leak really be a plumbing leak - crack in the pipe or something that only leaks when it rains? They said they could put custom made caps on the pipes but it would be expensive since the pipes were bigger than they had ever seen - pipes they installed?!? Thanks for any advice you can give. Hope this makes sense.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Linda, I do not know for sure what might be going on here but I will bring it to the attention of Factory Direct right away. Can you email me direct at [email protected] so I will have your email and we can stay in touch that way? Thanks.
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