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My church has been rebuilding a Lutheran church in Haiti after it was damaged by a storm. We will be needing to put a new metal corrugated roof on and we would like to incorporate a couple new ideas. First, we would like to utilize a few clear panels to give them some natural daylight. In order to handle the elements, these must be of decent quality. Also, is there any new solar technology that mounts or works well with steel corrugated roofs. Please adivise?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are translucent panels available but in all honesty, in Haiti's climate, I would not use them there. You will just be putting into place a problem waiting to happen in my opinion. As far as solar ... traditional solar panels can be mounted on corrugated roofing. There are thin film PV products available for standing seam but not corrugated and there again, in Haiti's climate, not sure I would use them.
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