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Hello:-) We have a seemingly common problem with most roofs, significant ice damming on the eaves. Our situation may or may not be isolated but we have 25' vaulted ceilings that were not properly insulated and short of tearing off the shingles and plywood outside or the plasterboard on the interior there is no structural cost effective solution to the existing house. I still think that a metal roof would be the way to go but would like some advise on possible solutions to the heat loss issue so we can replace the gutter system (which the lack of had caused moisture issues on the lower part of the house) when the roof is to be replaced. Thank you in advance and I look forward to your solution.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You can apply vertical battens followed either by horizontal battens or decking and then metal roofing. Whether you use battens or decking will be determined by the product you choose. The resulting chamber can then be vented with eave soffit and ridge vent. This should help a lot with the ice damming.
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