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hey guys im a residential roofer who has dealt with very little metal roofs and my boss on the farm i do work for has an old metal roof which apears to be galvanized and its rustey and full of holes. he wants it to not leak so ive filled the holes with silicone and screwed the panels back down,without a doubt it will only slow the leaks down but not be a real repair,ive tried to talk him into buying a roof coating but the guy at the farm store keeps sayin it will crack which in my personal opinion i believe it will help seal the hidden holes and therefore stop leaking. i already know if i try to caulk the laps that r to damaged it will just channel the rain to a place where it will seap in and get the cows and hay wet...please help aluminum coating sufficient or what product shall i use?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Do a google for "metal roof restoration" and you will find numerous elastomeric coatings. However, there are points where due to deterioration, replacement is the only viable option.
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