New Vertical Plane roof over old roof

Ronald Carpenter
I am considering putting a colored metal roof, Vertical Plane, over an existing "asphalt shingle roof". The house was moved on to the property some time ago and one portion of the roof sags (it was roofed over the sag without repairing the sag). I contacted a "contractor" who stated he could fix the sag with the installation (how he installs the new roof, it would not appear to sag with the new roof over it. The "sagging" roof appears to be solid.). There are 3 different roof areas. What gage, thickness, do I want? I am a little concerned because when I called the local metal supply company for a list of contractors, they provided 3, when I called them only one still did installation but I was "concerned" with his abilities. What should I be looking for and what questions should I be asking, and what should I be insisting on? Ron
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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