Douglas Parrish
Howdy. Running into problems with my local building department- I'm trying to build a 15' x 24' addition, using a timber frame structure to make a great room. Since timber frames apparently aren't in the VA state building code any more, the inspectors keep referring back to traditional stick built. I want to leave my timbers visible and be able to see the wood decking above the rafters. They tell me I have to have R-30 roof/ceilings. The timber rafters dead end as bird mouths on a girt- which would require blocking on the interior to put drywall and insulation and there's still no way to vent top nor bottom. Can you recommend a particular system for the roofing? I was thinking open rafters (visible below), 2x6 decking above, vapor barrier and 1x6 furring strips (i.e., 1" airgap) from ridge to bottom of roof, with the metal roofing on top of that. Would that be sufficient or would I have to put insulation or do it differently? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most metal roofing systems that can be installed over battens require horizontal battens, not vertical. The vapor barrier and vented airspace are good. However, I still would not do this without insulation as well. You may wish to consider spray icynene insulation as an option. I hope this helps. Call me if you like ... 1-800-543-8938 ext 201
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