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What maintenance will prolong the life of a metal roof, and could a well-maintained roof last indefinitely? Is Galvalume the most durable/longest-lasting type of steel roof? Thanks.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
For the money, Galvalume is a very good performer especially natural. If you have the money yo can then look to Stainless Steel or look to other exotic metals such as copper or zinc. As to maintenance it is generally the same as with any roof. Do an annual inspection with a pair of binoculars and look for any screws or trim that have loosened with the weather or building movement. Many times people feel they put a lifetime roof on and forget it. There is damage from winter storms, birds even hail, etc that you can pick out if yo look for it each year. The spring is a great time to do this. Have the caulkings and plumbing flashings checked every 5 years sooner if you have a two storey home as a steel chimney from the basement through the roof can easily be 25 feet in length and it moves different from the building. Last is if you can it does not hurt to flush your roof down with a mild solution of bleach mixed with TSP. A garden hose sprayer will do fine, This will take some of the oxidation off along with any mildew. Maintenance on a roof should be considered like caring for the family car. A regular wash and check ups. Hope this helps.
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