jim kramer
I have a client with a metal roof on a log home. In places where the roofing was cut or scratched the contractor used a rattle can of green paint on the raw metal areas. These places are now oxidizing and have a flat look, verses the gloss finish of the rest of the roof. Is this standard procedure? Does the supplier typically send out this can of paint with the product. This house sits below the driveway as you approach you can see these areas. The homeowner is complaining about this and driving me nuts! What should I tell him? Thank You, Jim
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The bad appearance will only get worse. Most quality manufacturers will sell some form of touch up paint with their roofing materials.
Guest User
Touch up paints on metal roofing should only be used to cover small scratches in order to protect bare metal from environmental conditions that could affect the metal. The problem with touch up paints is that they cannot match the application and heat curing processes used to apply paint to the original coil. So the touch up paint will not have the same color retention and fading properties of the original coil and will oxidize and fade at a much greater rate than the paint on the metal roofing panels. So even if the paint colors match initially (and they should) within a year the touch up paint will be fading and there will be a noticable color difference to the eye.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would agree that they should be used sparingly but as necessary.
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