metal shingles vs panels with exposed fasteners

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My fiance and I are owner-builders in Florida. He has prior experience building residences, but not metal roofs (and he is not a contractor). He is leaning towards metal panels with exposed fasteners because they would be easier to install than 5V panels. However, I heard that after 20 years, the washers degrade and need to be replaced (esp. in hot climates), and I'd rather go with a more durable system. Are metal shingles a good alternative in terms of being easy to install, hurricane-resistant, and water-tight? We are building a home with a shed-style roof, relatively low pitch (apprx 3:12). Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, 5V Crimp has exposed fasteners. Metal shingles could be a good option. Email me at [email protected] ... I have an article I can send which explains the different types of metal roofing.
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