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gary ely
We have a house that was originally built around 1880. That part of the house has cedar shake and two layers of shingles over the top. The back part of the house just has two layers of shingles. We are in the process of getting bids from several contractors. The prices ranged from 5K to 9K for a tear off and reshingle. We also had a quote in regards to putting a metal roof over the existing roof. I spoke to this contractor and he mentions that he sees no concern with putting it over the cedar shake part of the roof. Other contractors have advised against doing this (they also are against going to a metal roof). We are trying to find a good deal with the least amount of problems later. The roofers doing the shingle tear off are saying around 30 years til the roof will need to be redone. What are your guys thoughts. I need an unbiased opinion. Since these guys will be the one being paid I can see why they are all against doing this or that.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Here's what you really need to do just to be sure and safe. Take pictures of the existing roof and email them to the manufacturer of the roofing material being bid and see what they think. The answer to your question is determined by the exact roofing panel being used. Many metal roofs are ideal for going over a situation like this.
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