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I am lookin at a 2 story 4 plex tomorrow for investment rental property. This building was built in 1941. It has a flat roof. The demensions of it are 40'X 44'. I have heard a lot of horror stories about flat roofs. I am inquiring now so I will know whether or not to run away from the deal before i commit. How much is it to replace a roof, how long do they last, can they be repaired or patched for any given lenght of time? Is it possible to put a metal roof with pitch on the building do you know of a site where i can get a good idea how much it will cost to install a pitched metal roof or comparable product., What do i need to look as far as estimating time left for replacement. How do i look for damage. Can you walk on a flat roof?....I appreciate any assistance you can offer......Thanks again....Eland
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As an metal roofing association we do not talk about costs of flat roofing. It is common practice to pitch a flat roof and install a metal roof system.
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