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My mothers roof is leaking, her insulation is drenched and its ruined her ceiling tiles, I work for a roofing company and am a insurance recovery specialist but when I got up there i didnt notice anything wrong with the roof. It could possibly be the type of screws they used when the roof was installed. 2 questions: What kind of screws need to be used. & Her roof is a 4/12 pitch, is there a certain pitch requirement for metal roofs.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I need more information. I suspect that you have a condensation or ice daming issue given your location. can you advise how the metal roof was installed ie was it over asphalt shingles or new constructiuon, what was used as an underlayment, what is in the roof for ventilation at the eave and ridge, what is the roof configuration? If you want email me direct at [email protected]
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