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We are putting metal siding and roofing on our 80 year old barm. Because of ventilation concerns (we'll be storing over a 1000 bales of hay plus chickens in the barn) in what will be a virtually airtight barn, we decided to install 6 16x36 wall vents and roof ventilation. We decided that 2 cupolas would look better on an 80 year old barn rather than a pole barn ridge vent. Pole barn cupolas would be the wrong sizes, both horizontally and vertically when compared to our barn's dimensions, so we decided to build our own (roughly) 2'6" x 4" cupolas...complete with 4 18x24 vents each. Rather than build them out of cedar or mahogany, we decided to make a 2x4 skeleton and screw our vents, red metal siding, and white trim to it...which would be cheaper and less time consuming. We've figured out how to mate the cupolas with the metal roof to make them leak-proof with flashing, but we are still concerned with the roofs of the cupolas...basically a pyramid with 3' sides. If we cut 4 triangles of Fabral Grandrib III roofing for each side of the cupola roof, how do we seal the 4 seams where they meet? Is there any sort of trim besides the manufacturer's hip trim (which is way too wide for the seams on a cupola's roof)? Or is there a better way?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Again this is a question for Fabral.
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