Galvanized Roofing vs. Painted Roofing

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We are putting a new metal roof on our 80 year old barn overtop of the exhisting metal roof. We've narrowed down our choices to White, Bright White, Light Gray, or galvanized. I'm partial to galvanized or light gray because we'd maintain a more traditional barn look. My questions would there any advantage to having either the white, bright white, or light gray besides initial solar reflectivity? How does galvanized metal roofing compare in quality and durability to a painted finish?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It is the paint system that you need to investigate. A PVDF is best followed by a SMP based system. This also includes a substrate which should be G90 galvanized or AZ50 galvalume for painted and if using bare, it should be AZ55 galvalume.
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