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We are in the process of restoring and renovating our 80 year old barn. Part of the process will be to replace the original wood barn doors with metal siding doors. The downside here is that we will lose the artwork painted on the barn doors...which is what sets this barn apart from others. My plan is to repaint the original white artwork on the red metal siding. We plan on going with Fabral Grandrib III in Bright Red, which is their Enduracote finish. How should I prepare the new siding for paint? What methods should I use in painting it? Is there a certain type of paint that will adhere and last longer? I'd like the white I'll be using on the doors to perfectly match the bright white trim used elsewhere on the barn. Thanks.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Fabral can best help you out here as each paint sysytem is differant. Quite possibly they could supply the correct white paint.
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