Robert Flood
We have a customer with a 1-story rambler, 2 1/2-12 pitch roof, minimal penetrations (plumbing, 1 chimney). Roof structure is exposed beam, 1 1/2" t&g sheathing exposed on room side. Roof is currently built-up tar and gravel. Is there a satisfactory metal roof option for that pitch, also recommended insulating underlayment.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Yes and it is an ideal time to deal with insulation and ventilation. Code requires vaulted ceilings to have a minimum 1" vertical vented free air chamber which also adds to the energy efficiency of the home. This is at a slope where roof configuration comes into play and typically it is best to choose a vertical seam Standing Seamed system. Check our manufacturer section of the web site and contact them.
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