Lorraine Pohl
We need to replace existing standing seam metal roof. We have what they are calling built in gutters and have been told by one contractor that a Dura Loc system cannot be used but another that it can. I am just trying to get a prepainted system because repainting every 5 years is a pain. Does anyone know of a product that is prepainted that can be used on a home with built in gutters? The house is has varying pitches from a 4 12 to a 6 12, there is a belfry on top of the two story house. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think that most any system will have some options for accommodating built in gutters. I know that my company (www.classicroof.com), as the manufacturer, would be happy to work with you on coming up with a flashing and installation design that would work. I think the other manufacturers, if contacted directly, would help, too.
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