kim gunter
Our home is a tall(58 ft) log home that is being hand fitted with a metal seamed roof. We are being asked to pay for the lift. Is this customary? In the original bid, the roofer said nothing about paying for a lift. If yes, how long should we supply one and what kind?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Um, 58' tall homes are not customary. :-) This really would normally be a part of the contract or be discussed at the time of contract negotiations. At this point, I feel the contractor should be willing to let you out of the contract if you wish but they may not see it that way. I am not sure what else to say. I can give technical advice bit this really is contract law advice.
Guest User
Maybe whole story would help. We bought all roofing materials. He bid job in July. His bid is $30,000 for 4 men at 29 days.He asked us if he could borrow the lift we had on site. We said yes. He shows up (later than expected)in October. Our lift is gone by then. He does not mention the lift or us renting one for him. After the job is complete, we get a second bill for 6 weeks use of the lift at $7000. He had taken 2 weeks off the 8 week lift bill for weather and days missed. My contention is that I was never given a chance to manage the lift (my crew could have used it when he was not there) nor did he mention it in the bid. He also took 6 weeks instead of 4 beacause he only brought 2 men. Mainly, IT WAS NOT IN THE BID!! Help. Now I am certain that he will put a mechanic's lean on the house if I do not pay. This is why I am asking is it customary to pay for the lift?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Well this is normally the general contractors responsibility to manage the sub trades. Unfortunately you appear to be your own general contractor so you are missing the link in the chain that looks after your interests.This is a contract issue and as an association we can not comment farther although nobody wins if it goes legal. Always try to negotiate a resolve.
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