richard March
I am installing Englert panels in Broward county and am having difficulty finding technical backup with respect to hip termination an approved chanell application. Standard practice is illustrated where the panels are turned up and ran all the way to the hip. Then a "z" flash is installed over the panel and mechanically fastened for acceptance of the hip cap. I don't like this method because of the penetration of the fastener through the panel. Instead could I mechanically fasted "c" channel on both sides of the hip then turn my panels up and slide then under. I have looked all over the internet and I can't find any technical data that would support using this method. Any help would be greatly appreciated with this matter. Thank You, Richard
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Certainly Englert are the ones to contact as it is their NOA that governs this type of detail especially when a hip is in a roof wind zone #3.
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