Galvalume Roof Turning Black in Areas

Guest User
I have an "silver", non-painted, SEM-Lock Galvalume roof purchased from SEMCO and installed approximately 14 months ago. Since it was installed there have been two problems with the roof. First, protective plastic strips which cover the standing seams left a residue on the seams which has not washed off with the rain. Second, areas of the roof are turning "shiny" and then "dark". The dark areas are most noticeable and seem to appear after I clean my vinyl siding with "house wash" made for vinyl and safe on metal roofs. What can be causing these dark spots and how do I correct the problem? A photo of the tape residue is attached.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You need to go back to SEMCO and demand some response on this. It will be years before that tape residue wears away. I am sorry.
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