Snow guard or avalanche diverter for metal shake roof

Guest User
We had a metal roof installed 2 years ago and are very satisfied except in snow conditions. We have a 2 story Cape Cod style which avalanches the snow in front of our front porch, back porch and garage doors making for some danger and much digging out. I have seen snow guards for sheet metal roofs but was told by our contractor that those snow guards are drilled thru the roof and are not recommended for our style. Has a solution been found for the metal shake style roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have seen the ones that are drilled through work very well -- just make sure that a quality adhesive/sealant is used to seal the holes. There are also plastic snowguards which can be attached with adhesive. You must have a clean, dry surface and adequate curing time to work well though. Contact your roof manufacturer for details.
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