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I am building a house- fairly simple with a dutch hip roof, one shed type dormer- main roof has a 6/12 pitch and the dormer 2/12. I am a fairly competent carpenter and have installed shingle roofs. Do you think it a good idea if I install my own metal roof? I got a couple of bids and they are out of my budget, but thought if I did it myself could still afford metal. I would like to do a standing seam but maybe a 5v or similar would be better for a beginner?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Generally yes but watch the following. Make sure you select a product that comes with a product manual from the manufacturer and ask to see the product approval whicvh will indicate that it has been tested and reviewed to the building code and provide installation restrictions if any. Watch the pitch transitions, especially if you have a long upper rafter feeding onto a lower sloped roof. If the home has vaulted ceilings then you must provide 1" minimum of vertical free vented air space. If you have chimneys, skylights or dormers, lay the roof sheest out as best possible to centre on them. This allows you to get water out from behind and around without having ribs in the way. As anything, research, plan and ask questions and you will be fine.
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