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I presently have a white tile roof that is old and dirty, I want to replace it but I'm not sure with what other options, I've been given the option of a dimensional shingle or a metal roof but it's very expensive. My main concern with the shingle is heat and sound transmission, is it going to get worse than keeping the white tile roof or getting a metal roof? Is it a bad move for a hurricane prone area? Should I just replace my roof with a new white tile roof? Thanks, MI
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The Florida Building Code has restrictions now on reroofing geneerally as follows. When the old roof is removed, the decking needs to be inspected for thickness and fastening. The deck needs to be 19/32" and fastened every 6" with certain fasteners. This is to protect from wind uplift and wind borne debris impact. You must ventilate the roof system to the code requirements. If you have a vaulted ceiling it must have a minimum of 1" vented free vertical air space between the roof covering and decking. If it is an attic it must be vented to 1 sf ft vent for every 150 sf of ceiling area with 50% provided at the ridge. Last and most important, you are located in a High Velocity Hurricanne Zone and the roof covering must be tested and approved to meet the wind uplift outlined in the code which is pretty severe. Make sure you choose a product that carries an approval. These requirements are for any roof covering and given that you will find that metal is good value. Consider choosing an energy star approved finish which will keep the home cooler and reduce energy costs.
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