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I have a Terne metal standing seam roof that I installed and want to add a porch roof of the same material but can no longer locate a crimping tool. Where can I rent or buy such a tool? If there is no longer a too available for purchase or renting is there a contractor in my area that would handle a small job ~100 sq ft?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Go to the Find a Contractor on our web site. Second look up on the metal magazines product directory. Try, Metal Roofing, Modern trade, Metal Architecure.
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we can help with seam crimping tool. contact this web site.
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You can turn help to : Main Products : Crimping Tools Wish the information will be helpful for you
David Trefzger
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Have you found the supplier ? You can visit : These company offer kinds of crimping tools Wish will be helpful for you
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