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I am about to have a metal roof installed on our house and have found 2 different systems for attach it. One uses battens (eg: Gerard) and one is batten-less (eg: Metro, 3M). Ignoring cost, is one system better than the other? Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Any product that stands off the deck has been proven to be considerably more energy efficient by minimizing the heat and cold transfer. Additionally, if you have vaulted ceings in your home you are required by code to provide ventilation between the roof covering and the insulation so you may be required to select a batten product.
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Easy answer. I only install systems with battens. Furthermore, established manufacturers such as Gerard and Decra. Long history! The biggest reason for batten systems being the nailing process. Bear with me. Metro, as well as many other manufacturers have battel-less systems. The nailing required to put these systems on correctly usually utalizes a process of nailing through the nose or butt end of the tile/shake. To do this properly, the nail is driven through the sheathing at an angle. It is much more likely to have a nail like that rejected by the wood, as well as allowing moisture a helpfull way down. Battens increase the walkability, safety, and air-space. All good things in my book. Frankly, I would love to see these manufacturers stop including these products in their lines, but sadly this industry is dwindling itself out of contractors with half a brain (the good half)and a desire to build well. As for cost, my customers are not offered batten-less systems. I WILL NOT BUILD THEM! Good Luck!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Just for clarification -- looking at the entire gamut of modular residential metal roofing systems, there are many battenless systems available with interlocking panels and hidden fasteners that do not have to be driven in at an angle.
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