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i have a barn that is 30 years old or older last year a wind storm blew out 5 of the 22 fiberglass skylights I'm looking for the name of this style and where can I get replacement panels? the panels are 10' and the pattern is 2 1/2 rib then 3 1/2 flat has 5 ribs and 4 flats overall panel with is 26 1/2 inches but basically its a 24" panel with one rib to over lap on the next panel can anyone help me? right now I am serously looking at replacing the whole roof
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Try asking or ASC Pacific and Custom-Bilt Metals as they are based in CA and may point you inm the right direction. Also go to some of the metal roofing magazines as they have product locators such as, metal roofing, moderntrade, metal architecture.
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