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Here in NYC, as in many urban areas, attached homes are the norm. The fronts of these homes have a steep facade peak that runs continuously across from one property to the next. I happen to believe that a standing seam installation would look great on these types of townhomes. I am a DIY homeowner looking to install a standing seam metal on the front peak of this type of home and have encountered 2 problems while looking into this project. The first seems to be just contacting a supplier that will work with a small buyer and hepling out with ordering the right materials needed. I am willing to drive a substantial distance to pick up the materials. The second is that since my home is attached, how would I make a transition from where my new metal roof ends to the adjoining homes asphalt shingle roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest contacting the manufacturers on this website. I am sure you can find ones who will work with you. The transition flashing will depend a lot upon what type of metal roof you choose.
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