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How do I make sure that I am starting the metal panels straight, I once heard of measuring up 4' and over 6 or something like that....I know there is a trick can you help
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You need to determine if the roof is square. Assuming the gable and eave are straight, measure 3 units along one, 4 units along the other and the diagonal should equal 5 units. This will tell you if the gable is square to the eave. Next measure gable to gable at the eave and ridge and note any differances. Then measure the rafter lengths eave to ridge along each gable. Last measure diagonal corner to corner. In a perfect world the gable will be square to the eave. The ridge and eave parellel and the gable to gable parellel and last the diagonal measuremenst equal. Then yopu are good to start parellel to the gable. If any dimmensions are off you will need to adjust the sheets a little, generally square to the eave and balance out the ribs so they are equal on both ends.
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