Cutting steel for hip roof and flashing for hips

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Hello, I am covering a 7'x7' building with a 9'x9' corrugated steel roof A) What is the best way to cut the steel roofing panels: saber saw, 4" cutting wheel on mini grinder, 7" cutting wheel on circular saw, shear or something else? B) What width flashing should I use to cover the hips? The slope is 30° (7:12) fully boarded and felted. Thanks Thierry
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Best to cut with sheet metal shears either powered or manual. The sawing or grinding of as sheet to cut it burns the zinc coating and exposes the core to rust. The steel supplier should have some Hip/ridge trim. Typically it is 9" wide with a little crown it the centre. Use a universal closure strip between it and the metal on each side such as Versa Vent.
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