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Hello i have a 1200 sq ft. 2 story pole barn with coragated metal roof.there is about 500 screws in it...... and all have been caulked it does not look like its going to be easy to remove them with the old caulking .....i am going to replace the existing roof with better grade metal roofing type b ......what do you recomend using to remove the old screws or caulking to get the screws out .a quick method would be great some type of screw head snips or cutters that will be fast any help would be great.using a heat gun seams like it will take forever..i was thinking somthing like bolt cutters with a flat tip for snipping the heads off.dont know if they make such a tool....hope my spell check helped..Lol.......Larry
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Depends on how strong and long the screws are. Certaily with the caulking it would be difficult to get a nut driver on it. Iff they are only into the wood 1" then maybe you could use a long handles 90 degre bar to drive unde the washers and pull out. Short of that as you are not saving anything, I would use a angle grinder with a cut off blade.
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