darcy morgan
I have a metal roof on my cabin. I don't know the manufacter but it's a sheet system with overlapping ribs that run from peak to gutter. I would like to create a ladder on the pitch leading up to my chimney (it's about a 6/12 pitch), so that I have secure access for doing the annual chimney sweep. Is it a common practice to install horizontal ribs on top of the metal sheeting to act as ladder rungs? Is this a commercially available product? I suppose I could just fabricate some lengths of angle iron and attach them to the vertical raised ribs, but I am leary of creating a leak issue with perforations from the fasteners (screws I guess). Any tips on leak prevention? Thanks!
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Darcy, just a suggestion based on your request. It is never a good idea to put holes into any type roof unless absolutely necessary. If this is for an annual need, I would strongly suggest you deal with some type of secure scaffold/ladder system at the time you perform this maintance. How you do this will be predicated on eave height, accessibility to the eave of your cabin from the ground, and distance from eave to the chimney itself. You might contact a local roofer with metal roofing experience for their advice. 6/12 is quite steep and very slippery. Anything you attach to the metal roof could also void finish warranties. You can also contact the roofing manufacturer, if known, for advice, or the builder who installed the metal roof for this information.
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