Vera Horiuchi
My roof is about ten years old and we're very happy with it. We just discovered, however, a little bit of staining on an inside wall. It's completely dry now and no longer leaking, so we've surmised that a few loose screws may have permitted a little leaking during the spring when the snow melted. We've gotten an estimate on having the screws tightened. The estimate states "tighten and replace all loose and missing screws" and "reseal all penetrations." We thought of it as a minor repair. The estimate came in at $2,000, and this seems very steep. Should we get another estimate? (The house is about 2200 square feet, and the pitch is medium-to-steep.)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I really don't know for sure. It sounds reasonable but there's no harm in a second bid. Check references, too.
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