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Hello, First, I want to thank the MRA Experts for all the helpful advice! Well, this re-roofing project started on September 9, 2002, and is not complete yet. The roofer told me this past Monday that he ran out of rake or eave flashing. I asked him if George Stanislao had shorted him, and he said yes. We have plenty of Image II panels left over, however. I still have a few issues with the job: 1) The ProfileVent is not installed per the installation instructions, or how Marty Rotter explained over the phone. 2) One sewer vent roof jack is installed over a standing seam. I've requested installation instructions from Metal Sales twice, but have not received them yet. Maybe they will be here soon. I downloaded their online instructions, but Rich said they have a more complete and specific manual for the Image II Residential Panels. I spoke with Kevin, a technical employee of MBCI about the roof jack. He said, it should not be installed over a standing seam. Kevin said, have the roofers replace those 2 panels, and move the sewer vent over with some 45s. I have found several Web Pages of technical information on the Internet about roof jacks and SSR. They all say do not install a roof jack over a SSR. 3) Driving up to the house from the road, I can see globs of reddish caulking, at the top or crown of the valleys. I've never noticed this on other metal roofs, and I've looked at many. Since they used Silicone for sealing, the roof has quite a bit of Silicone residue which makes walking on the roof difficult. Once I get this on my shoe souls, I start sliding. 4) While working in the attic, I noticed at least one panel with almost a 3 foot screw spacing. This concerns me, since we get at least 100 mph wind gusts. The GAF Timberline 40 year shingle couldn't handle this wind. I've learned enough from watching this job, that I can install a metal roof on a simple roof, now. We have some friends with house over 100 years old with a shingle roof that leaks. I'm sure his existing roof is much newer than the house. We are going to carefully measure the roof and order standing seam panels and accessories from MBCI in Salt Lake City. It's a simple roof without any valleys or hips, so we should be able to handle this one. Best to start out with a simple roof the first time. Best Regards to all, Mark Hutchins
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