Metal replacement roof for a modular home.

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I own a 2003 Homes of Merit modular home. I would like tro install a metal roof on it if possible. It has a 2/12, or 3/12 pitch -- gable roof -- with asphalt shingles. Is this installation possible, or advisable? If so what type of roof would be best, and are there any special installation tips I should be aware of? I have re-roofed several houses, and am experienced in building/remodeling, but is this really a DIY job?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most residential metal roofs can be used at 3:12 pitch or steeper. For lower pitches, product choice is more limited, perhaps to a field-seamed product. Field-seamed products may be more than you would care to tackle. The other products may not be rocket science but expect to spend about 5 hours per 100 square feet during the process.
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