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What range of gauge for vertical panels is typically utilized in single family homes or barns. What types of galvanized metal (unpainted) are available, and what are the comparative life cycle expectancies of each type? At what point would you expect these roofs, assuming they are kept free of debris, to discolor or rust? For purposes of comparison, please choose an average gauge. Thanks.
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I have found the general guage od metal roofing systems runs from a 29 guage to a 24 guage. Metal roofs made of aluminum, alcra-lume and glavalume should last fifty plus years, however that is dependant on proper installation and roof cleaning. Copper roofing and stainless steel will literally last forever, if properly installed
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It is critical also to consider the paint finish or other coating on the roof. There are various qualities of coatings available and, particularly in harsh (high UV) climates, the quality of the paint system will have a big impact on product life expectancy and performance.
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