cindy summerson
I really am going by what the contractor is telling us. So please let me know if its true. He tells us that there is no need to put down any instalation under the metal roof, He is going to use furring strips and place the metal right over the old shingles and says that is all we need. Also he said the metal was Hamm metal from Canada and good for 35 years on the color and 50 years on leeking. Is this true also? Is there anything else we need to know on warranties,edges(capping)? Thank you [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You need to have, in writing, a warranty from the manufacturer and from the contractor. I have never heard of Hamm. Generally, most installations doe not require insulation and the old shingles can stay in place. As far as installing it on battens, you will need to contact the roofing manufacturer for their input on that. Metal roofing is not generic -- there are many differences between different products.
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