How Long Will My Screwed-on Roof Last?

Velvet Foot
The 3-year old house we bought last Jan. has a Fabral Grandrib3 screwed-on steel roof. I realize now it is inferior to a seamed steel roof, but what can I expect for service life? Also, as I recall, a person at the manufacturer suggested the screws be tightened every couple of years! What?? Just one more... how do I check for condition of the roof re: leakage? Look under the roof deck for stains? It plywood, and I imagine any water would run down until it came to a seam. I would have gotten a better roof if I had built the house. Thanks for any help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
As long as it was installed properly, you have a good roof that should last 20+ years easily. Is it the "Cadillac" of metal roofing? Probably not but it's still a very good product and Fabral is a great industry leader. I would not anticipate leaks but they would appear as inside staining or leaks in the overhangs. As far as the screws ... I would not anticipate any need for tightening but, sure, take a look at them once every couple of years.
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