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I'm installing a metal roof on a 6/12 roof on a barn project with engineered trusses and purlins. These are the 36" wide panels and 13.5' long. I've been able to put up the first 6 sections thus far by sitting on the purlins and reaching over to screw the fasteners down. My question is upon reaching the last pannel I won't have any purlins to sit on, the 6/12 roof apears to steep to stand on. I was thinking about building a 'ladder' type thing to lay on top of the metal panels that I could secure from the other side of the pitch that would give me a little more gripping power. Are there any drawings for something like this? thanks gary
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are commercially available "ladder hooks" (aka "chicken hooks") that can be used for this. Make sure that you are wearing a safety harness and properly roped off.
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