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Good day, I am currently looking into the different metal/aluminum roofing solutions as my roof is due and I refuse to go with an illogical solution such as tar shingles. At this time my preference is painted (no rocks) metal or aluminum with hidden fasteners and the possibility of doing it myself. Aluminum appears to be: -Only available in shingle format -More expensive -And according to bbb reports, prone to leaking issues. Metal roofing on the other hand is slightly cheaper and is available in two styles: --Full length panels: This product is available with hidden fasteners, however, the fact that they are full length represents allot of loss as my house is all ridges and hips. Question: Am I correct in assuming this? --Metal tiles: I cannot find a painted metal tile that has hidden fasteners. Question: Can anyone recommend any such product(s) available in Eastern Canada? Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] Thank you
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You are not correct. Aluminum is readily available in standing seam panels but not as available in Canada which typically has a less severe climate.Aluminum is more expensive however it lasts longer. Most tile profiles are more demanding and I do not know of any that are conceled fastened. If you go to Find a Contactor and put in your postal coade and scroll down you will get a list of manufacturers that service your area and some may do Aluminum.
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