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we sustained significant damage in the hurricane season of 2004. we are finally able to repair that damage because of insurance issues, asbestos shingles, you name it! we finally decide on a contractor and we go to sign the contract and it is $40,000 more than they quoted us. $40,000. MORE!!! the reason for this is that they said that the profile of the roof we chose was too high and they would have to remove and reinsall windows, siding, etc. i understand that, but didn't they know that at the beginning? anyways, i was wondering if there was a standing seam panel that used concealed fasteners that had a profile of under 1"? if not, does anyone know the name of a company that makes square(ish) metal tiles in the 1 foot square area? if we can't do the standing seam (which we have our heart set on) we will settle for a roof that looks similar to ours. thanks suzanne btw. i have seen the castletop roof, but was looking for another option and it would have to come in galvalume, but not a straight galvanized metal.
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Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you look on this website under "metal shingles" you will find many low profile metal shingle systems. As for a standing seam panel that will really be under 1" ... I am nno aware of any. There are a few around with 1" high seams but they will stand taller than that given metal thickness, etc. Where roofs go against sidewalls, by the way, it is always best to remove the siding so you can flash up under it. There are also sometimes ways to flash below windows onto a higher profile panel. It just takes some creativity and "field smarts". I, too, would be shocked in this proposed change from your contractor. Email me pictures of your situation if you would like further input. [email protected]
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