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Hello, I am disparately looking for any materials (books, tapes) on techniques for "raised seam" or "rolled seam" roofing. Also soldering I am renovating a house built in 1888. It is a historical landmark and renovating it back to it's original state is important to the local historical society as well as myself. If you don't have anything, do you know any where I can look. I have been looking on the web and in stores for over a year now with no luck. Please see our project on the web at Thanks, Paul Collins [email protected]
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This trade is more passed on than taught however I do know that it is still practised in the province of Quebec. Myself I was taught by my father who was taught bt his father. I am not sure of the roofinf contractors associations name there but I would start at the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association. As well the RCABC association of British Columbia has an excellant school and you may want to try there to see if they have any books.
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