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Hello Experts- I am an owner of a metal roof that was applied a few months ago after a strom. I was talked into putting on a metal roof because of the all the advantages. At this time I do not find any advantages--seeds from my neighbors trees have stayed on all summer and in the winter the snow slides off and makes regular moots around my house. This is very upsetting as it ruins the shrubery, furniture, deck, etc. around our home. I would like some info regarding what can prevent this in the winter. I do not even like the looks of this roofing. As I paid twice as much to have this roof installed compared to an ordinary roof I would appreciate some helpful info from you re this problem. Thank you. Mrs. Stanton C. Davis
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I do not have all the info but here is what I would do. If seeds stay on this roof then they would have stayed on a shingle roof as well. If the roof is not too high then buy an extension handle and use a wide soft bristle broom to pull the seeds off. For the snow, there are many companies that make snow stops, which will stop the snow from avalanching. The type, quantity and placement are specific to the roof configuration and panel. Try contacing the roofing manufacturer and get their recommendation first. faily that try going to one of the metal magazines and look up their products directory such as, moderntrade, metal architecture and metal roofing.
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