Sally Grunkemeyer
We are going to build a contemporary home this year, and are puzzled as to type of roof. Builder has said probably tar and gravel because of proposed 1/12 or 2/12 pitch. How do you use gravel with any pitch at all? Seems to me standing seam metal would be a better choice. Is that not a viable option?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You are both right. As the roof pitch gets lower, it will elliminate a lot of Kinetic roofing products which mean they rely on water flow downhill and you then need to look at a standing seam type roof. With them as well you need to start looking at the higher ribbed seams and a truly seamed joint with the lower slope. If you stay with a 2.5"/12 or greater slope, then you could consider putting a high quality underlay, then vertical strapping over the rafters and select a roof covering that mounts on horizontal purlins. This will allow for an air space and compliance with the ventilation code while providing secondary membrane in case of severe weather.
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